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Beer Garden Eyes West Sac Location

July 11th, 2013

A bit of Bavaria coming to West Sac? Let's hope so!

The changes which are happening in West Sacramento are truly amazing.  The transition of this industrial area to a thriving urban setting is moving ahead with improvements and new businesses setting up shop in our neighborhood.  One such addition that may be coming to our area soon is a new beer garden.

Just south of The Triangle is Pioneer Bluff, which will be the home to the proposed casual, family-friendly establishment.  From a recent article:

One of the first things into the re-purposed “Pioneer Bluffs” area of West Sacramento may be a brewery and beer garden from a principal at the former “Brew It Up!” restaurant in downtown Sacramento. Mike Costello, the former president, general manager and CEO at that establishment, said last week his current group is  “very close” to signing a lease on South River Road.

This area is part of the urban transformation of West Sacramento, connecting to more established areas of the region:

Those bluffs are most notable where the deep water ship canal currently severs South River Road. But the City of West Sacramento is now proceeding on a long-planned new bridge to connect South River Road across this canal, linking the city’s eastern riverfront from Southport to the freeway and Bridge District. The new brewery and commercial center could be the first major tenant in as the “Pioneer Bluffs” begin an expected transition from older industrial uses to a more urban, riverfront style.

More than Just a Beer Garden. The proposed plans are ambitious and, if fulfilled, will be a wonderful addition to our local neighborhood.  What is planned?  How does beer garden and outdoor events sounds?  They plan on having a personal brewery, where people can make their own beer; special events, especially outdoors, will be the focus and, if all goes as planned, could begin within a few months time.

“Of course we’re going to do Brew Fest, also Oktoberfest,” he commented. “One of the other ideas we have is to do a huge pumpkin carving festival. And we could start doing some food trucks and festivals on the site as soon as we get the lease, just to draw attention.”

You can read the entire article here.

Exciting things are happening in West Sacramento.  If have considered a move to The Triangle, you owe it to yourself to visit the Sales Gallery and see what we have to offer.


Discover Urban Living at West Sacramento’s Exciting New Loft and City Home Neighborhood.

Ironworks at the Triangle is located to catch the hum of city life. Bordered by the Sacramento River and Downtown Sacramento, living at Ironworks gives you the opportunity to walk to a River Cats game, walk or bike to work, or to get coffee. Decide to go to dinner one minute and be downtown the next minute. Forget about suburbs. Forget about the commute. Forget about boredom.

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